What We Can Help

ideaGrapes (思果數位) is the agency brand that I created in 2010. Most of the time, I, Yoren Chang, handle various clients’ project needs. Sometimes, I include talented designers to help light up the visual perspective of the websites.

In recent years, our specialities are in three areas:

  • Custom solutions for Gravity Forms, including add-on development
  • Custom solutions for WordPress, including plugin development
  • WordPress website and server maintenance

If you’re looking for contractors to help you with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us! But if you’re onto something else and still want to talk to us, that’s more than welcome too! Just get in touch!

Further more, as we’re proudly one of the Codeable certified experts, we also recommend you visit the platform and hire an expert there. They have a vetting process to assure only the top 1% talented developers can get in. Even after joining the platform, experts need to pass the trial period to get certified. Codeable assure the quality and customer satisfaction so you don’t have to worry about disputes and can focus on communications with your developers.

Our Works

Gravity Forms and Add-Ons

From 2018 to 2022, I had the privilege to join team Rocketgenius to help build Gravity Forms and various add-ons. I’ve worked on some crucial features in the core and also made several major updates for the add-ons, including Zoho CRM, Constant Contact, HubSpot (in the CRM/Marketing sector), Stripe, PayPal Checkout, and Mollie (in the payment gateway sector).

Other than working in the core team, I have also contributed a lot to the ecosystem for third-party teams including ForGravityGravityWP, and Gravity Flow (now acquired by Rocketgenius).

With such experiences, we’re confident in building success into your business with Gravity Forms. Whether it be just form integrations or more advanced systems (poll, voting, complex application forms, event registration, etc.), we know the best way to achieve it in the most native way.

Client Portal

Client Portal is the one and only commercial WordPress plugin our team helped create, and we still actively develop and maintain it. We were lucky to work with its founder Laura Elizabeth and convert it from the very earliest HTML version into a functional WordPress plugin.

With Client Portal, we’ve built several crucial features that turn WordPress into a Basecamp equivalent tool to manage project deliverables and automate repetitive tasks such as reminders and digests. There are also WooCommerce integrations built into it.

More Notable Clients

We currently also help maintain WordPress sites and servers with retainers. Here are some of them: